My Apologies

To the few people remaining who have checked this site regularly for updates over the last three months, I am sorry for the lack of new content.  I have been busy as a result of moving to a new city and let’s be honest, the off-season isn’t the most exciting time on the NBA calendar. 

Although this off-season saw Lebron “taking his talents to South Beach”, a move which drastically alters the NBA landscape for at least the next 5 years, we all read and heard enough about this topic without me re-hashing it here.  There were other moves, trades and draft picks as well as some intriguing stories, though nothing which got me excited enough to sit at home writing about them when I could be out and about exploring my new surroundings. 

As the 2010/2011 season has recently kicked off, and my NBA League Pass and internet are set-up, I will be posting regularly from now until the end of June.  As I only have a limited amount of time to watch NBA games, due to my full-time job and personal basketball schedule, I am being selective about the teams I will follow and write about.  Although I am not a fan of any one team or player, there are teams and players I enjoy watching more than others.  This is either due to a team playing fundamental basketball with their focal points being defence, rebounding and sharing the ball, or due to a singular talented player who I feel makes such an enormous impact on the game that I enjoy watching them even when their team is losing by 30.  Below is a list of the teams I am most looking forward to seeing:

First Teams: LA, Boston, Orlando, Miami & San Antonio

To me, these are the only teams in the NBA who are championship contenders.  These teams have superstars, solid role players and positive team chemistry as well as strong coaching and front office staff.  This generally leads to beautiful, unselfish team basketball, which is the only kind I’m willing to pay to see.

Second Teams:  Oklahoma, LA Clippers, Sacramento, Chicago, Milwaukee, Memphis, Portland, Utah & Washington  

If none of the First Teams are playing on a given night, the above teams will be my fall-backs for various reasons.  Some have added rookies or new players I’m excited to see and others are up and coming teams who may be contenders in the next few years.  In both cases, I’m looking forward to seeing how the players and teams develop to find out whether they can make the jump to my First Teams list in the future.

If none of the above teams are playing and say, Minnesota vs New Jersey is the only game on, I’m skipping it altogether and going out to work on my jump shot.

Also, new features to my blog for you to look out for include:

Winning Time – A brief review and summary of the games I watch, focusing mainly on what separated the winning team from the losing team with an emphasis on game-changing plays, stops and runs.  This will hopefully go a ways towards identifying what makes the best teams the best; Kind of like Magic Johnson when he’s commentating, though hopefully more intelligible.

Amateur Hour – This will be a weekly post which focuses on my rec-league teams and how we could improve from taking aspects from successful teams and players in the NBA.  As I’m currently playing in second division (which is far from amazing) I’m sure this will cover a lot of the basics of the game which tend to get overlooked and taken for granted.  As well as offering tips to amateur players who read this blog, this will shed some light on the lesser known NBA players who may be less flashy but more fundamentally sound.

This entire post was conceived and written during my lunch break, so I’m sure I will come up with more ideas as the season progresses.  Please comment or email me if there is anything in particular you would like to see from this blog over the course of the season.

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