Quick Hitters

  • The Miami Heat players and coaches are being scrutinized more than any team I’ve seen since maybe the Bulls in ’96.  Their recent performances, which have been average at best, and subsequent losses have left a few people wondering what they’re doing wrong.  Kevin Arnovitz at ESPN delves in to the issues in this in-depth article.  The biggest issue for me is the lack of creativity on the offensive end.  Too many one-on-one isolations and not enough picks, ball movement or sets.  Coach Spo, draw up some plays why don’t you? 
  • Mark Medina at the LA Times breaks down the Suns record-setting three-point shooting, which propelled them to victory against the Lakers.  He identifies a number of defensive lapses from LA but when a team with shooters like the Suns is that hot, no defense in the world is going to stop them.  
  • A unique interview with recent Laker addition, journey-man point guard Steve Blake.  An interesting tidbit – he’d rather be Robert Horry than Charles Barkley.  I think I would too. 
  • The Serge Ibaka vs Jeff Green debate has begun.  For a team that was lauded during the off-season as a grounded, cohesive unit, it’s got a lot of issues that need to be addressed.  I’d put Ibaka in the starting line-up to shore up the rebounding and defense and use Green as my offensive spark plug off the bench.  I’m not a coach, but because I watch a lot of television and write a blog, I feel like I know what I’m talking about. 
  • Allen Iverson played his first game for the Turkish club Besiktas Cola Turka.  With NBA team sponsorships being talked about in the upcoming collective bargaining agreement, we could one day be talking about the Sacramento Persian Carpet Kings versus the Golden State Viagra Warriors.
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