Quick Hitters

  • I feel bad for Jeremy Lin, the Knicks second year point guard and biggest NBA story of the year, who has a torn meniscus and will be out for the year.  However, I don’t think it will impact the team chemistry or performance in any way.  Lin is a flash-in-the-pan, second year point guard who commits too many turnovers and plays lackadaisical D.  A team cannot win a championship with Lin starting at the 1.  I expect the NY offense to improve and the defence to stay about the same.  
  • This article, from Truehoop on ESPN, disagrees with my above point about Lin, but I still stand my ground.  For the few games during Linsanity that he played well, his performances helped the Knicks win some tight games against sub .500 teams.  Since opponent scouting and the level of competition stepped up, his talents fell back to the median and he has not helped the Knicks in enough ways to matter much in the upcoming Playoffs.
  • The Chicago Bulls need to resign Tom Thibodeau as soon as possible.  The coach himself, nor his players, seem overly concerned but when making a run towards the championship and with the Playoffs fast approaching, an organisation needs to do everything it can to minimise issues that may distract from the goal at hand.  Thibs is already one of the top 5 coaches in the league and with the impact he’s had on this franchise he deserves a lucrative long-term deal.  
  • Kobe Bryant says he’s tired in this article by Dave McMenamin of ESPN LA.  After scoring 11 points on 3-21 shooting against the lowly Hornets I believe him, though I disagree with Kobe’s statement that the Lakers issues in the regular season won’t matter as much in the Playoffs.  The biggest and most talked about issue for the Lakers this season has been about Kobe and his ball hog ways.  If he continues to take large volumes of shots even when they aren’t dropping, the Lakers won’t dump it inside enough and use their primary advantages of length and size.  I don’t expect Kobe to change and therefore can’t imagine Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum getting more touches, so I predict the Lakers will get sent home early once again.
  • The game between Louisville and Kentucky yesterday was the best game of college basketball I’ve ever seen with the best collection of college athletes I’ve ever seen on the floor at one time.  In saying that, both teams would go 0-82 if playing a season in the NBA.  Stan Van Gundy went up a notch in my books.
  • Basketball 101 – possible evidence that good defensive teams in the NBA force players to their weak hands and make them shoot pull-ups instead of getting to the rim.  Why bad defensive teams don’t have the basketball IQ to do this amazes me. The other side of this article – Russell Westbrook is very, very good.
  • The Lakers didn’t want to trade this guy for three time defensive player of the year and all-around good guy, Dwight Howard?
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