Olympic Observations: USA vs Tunisia

– Russell Westbrook is a blur in the open court. I’ve never seen a person get up the court so quickly.

– Kobe looks like he’s practising new moves and footwork. He looks like the least motivated Team USA player.

– At this level of play (and surely in most NBA games too) you can’t just lay it in. With long, athletic centres prowling the paint, you need to lay it in high off the glass, get it on the glass quickly to force goaltending or shoot a floater. Either that or throw it down hard, which not many (mostly white) Euro’s etc can do.

– When Russell Westbrook or Deron Williams decide to attack the rim, all you can do as a defender is hope they miss. They are too quick, strong and talented to be stopped.

– The USA defense is good, but Tunisia seem too intimidated to go to the rack and have just been passing it around the key and settling for a bad jumper late in the shot clock, if they get a shot off at all. They need to attack and make the defense work.

– The difference in athleticism between these teams is like the difference in heat between the sun and a block of ice.

– Lebron looks like a man among boys, even compared to his team mates.

– Seeing big men play on the perimeter annoys me as much as guards taking a defended three early in the shot clock. Euro teams seem to do both things frequently.

– I wonder if it hurts throwing down dunks as hard as the one Lebron just threw down on a fast break. Gotta sting the wrist a little.

– James Harden throws some of the best body fakes and misdirection dribbles on drives that I’ve ever seen.

– Playing against lesser opponents tends to drag your game down to their level. The US is proving that in this game. Up only nine with two to go in the half.

– Team USA’s size and quickness make the court look small.

– Chris Paul sees plays three steps ahead of everyone else.

Team USA will not be challenged by any team and should waltz to the gold medal. They’re too quick, strong and talented for any team to match them.

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