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I was just thinking about how dumb the average person is when I realised that half the world is even dumber. Fuck my life man. Advertisements

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Olympic Observations: USA vs Tunisia

– Russell Westbrook is a blur in the open court. I’ve never seen a person get up the court so quickly. – Kobe looks like he’s practising new moves and footwork. He looks like the least motivated Team USA player. … Continue reading

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Quick Hitters

I feel bad for Jeremy Lin, the Knicks second year point guard and biggest NBA story of the year, who has a torn meniscus and will be out for the year.  However, I don’t think it will impact the team chemistry or performance in … Continue reading

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All-Time Guts & Glory Team

My father and I were arguing the other day about who we would pick for our all-time starting fives.  We agree on the 2 and 3 positions (Jordan and Bird, probably our two favourite players ever) but couldn’t come to … Continue reading

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Quick Hitters

The Miami Heat players and coaches are being scrutinized more than any team I’ve seen since maybe the Bulls in ’96.  Their recent performances, which have been average at best, and subsequent losses have left a few people wondering what they’re doing wrong.  Kevin Arnovitz … Continue reading

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The Terminator & Great Point Guards – More in Common Than You’d Ever Imagine

I’ve just finished reading a fantastic article written by Tom Farrey at ESPN, which focuses on Ricky Rubio’s court vision and reminded me of the Terminator 2.  Head over to Outside the Lines to read the article.  Below is a sample for those of you too lazy … Continue reading

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Keep Your Eyes On…

As mentioned in the below post, I am required to be selective in my NBA viewing this year due to a commitment called life.  I already posted the list of teams I’ve decided to follow on League Pass and by viewing these teams work their way through … Continue reading

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